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The Pierrot

Its a wonder you can even understand what is written

The Pastel Pirate
5 June 1990
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Hello Hello, I am short 17 year old that is absolutely insane. My name? Laura. I am a computer graphics FANATIC, with a Photography Obsession

I am a bit ridiculous. And that is basically the only way to describe me. I live in a very small "Preppy" town, and I'm okay with that.

I am a summer which means that I should be wearing pinks and purples and all different shades of blues. Just no orange or black. Pastel land here I come.

If I ever use a big word I am terribly sorry that I have a vocabulary larger then you, maybe you should carry a dictionary around when you talk to me. =D

I live in a Victorian house, so I guess you can say I have money. I'm not rich, I'm just well off.

I have a poodle. She will eat you if I tell her to =D

Just kidding ;P I am very nice. Or Well I think I am. I don't have many enemies, I mean.

Wanna know more about me? Ask.